Inventor’s Day

February 11 is Thomas Edison’s Birthday in 1847 and Inventor’s Day in the United States. Not all countries recognize Inventors’ Day, and those who do do so with varying degrees of emphasis and on different days of the year.

Argentina celebrates it on September 29, birthday of the Argentine inventor of the ballpoint pen, Lasalo Jozsef Biro.

Austria, Germany, and Switzerland celebrate it on November 9, birthday of the German actress and inventor, Hedy Lamarr whose main invention was the frequency-hopped spread spectrum.

In Hungary it is celebrated on June 13, in honor of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi who registered a national patent for synthesized Vitamin C.

Thailand celebrates it on February 2 to commemorate the anniversary of its King’s patent for a slow speed surface aerator.

Personally, I think Edison’s nemesis Nichola Tesla (Serbian born but naturalized United States Citizen in 1891) should be the U.S.’s national inventor.

The photo below is of Hedy Lamarr. Quite beautiful for the individual who invented the frequency-hopped spread spectrum. The frequency-hopped spread spectrum, incidentally, was a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes and its principles are arguably the precursors to Bluetooth technology.




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