World Tailor’s Day

World Tailors Day is an annual day observed on February 28, the birthday of Sir William Elias Howe, inventor of the sewing machine by using the lock stitch loop method in the year 1845.

Actually, Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal, a German-born engineer was awarded the first patent for a mechanical device to aid the art of sewing, in 1755. For the next century, the sewing machine saw generations of improvements. Elias Howe, an American living in England, was the first to combine all the elements into a practical machine and he filed a U.S. patent in 1845.

Meanwhile back in the colonies, the infamous Isaac Merrittt Singer had seen a sewing machine being repaired and decided to make a better one. Singer was granted a patent in 1851.

When Howe returned to the States and learned of Singer’s machine he took him to court, where Howe won and Singer was forced to pay a lump sum for all machines already produced. Singer then took out a license under Howe’s patent and paid him $1.15 per machine.

This image is the work of Lara Gonzalo, and it was downloaded from Pixabay.


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