Holistic Pet Day

August 30 is Holistic Pet Day.

Welcome Guest Blogger Bruce Chenoweth.

Responsible Pet Ownership
Animals have the same basic needs as humans: Clean air and water, mineral and vitamin rich foods, warmth and companionship. In nature, they have an inherent ability to seek and fulfill their needs. As we humans embrace them and control their mobility, our love can rob them of their needs and diminish and shorten their lives.

Responsible animal companionship includes assuring that animals ALWAYS have a good supply of clean, toxin-free water, an environment wherein they are neither too hot or too cold, appropriate companionship and high quality food WITH appropriate nutritional supplements.
The best known supplements for nearly all animals can be found through http://dynamitenutrition.com and http://wachtersnutrition.com.

If you have specific questions regarding the needs of your animals, both of those web sites have contact links for getting knowledgeable assistance.

Warm regards,

Bruce Wesley Chenoweth”I see healthy people (and animals).”

For links to most of the ABCompany Natural Health web sites, see http://abcompany.com

Maine Coon Cat 10 weeks old
Maine Coon Cat 10 weeks old

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