Mule Day

Today is Mule Day, marking importation of the first Spanish jack to the U.S., a gift from King Charles III of Spain to George Washington, on October 26, 1785. Washington, a mule enthusiast, named his donkey Royal Gift and went on to breed him to the mares of the finest families in the Confederate of the United States.

A Zamorano-Leonés donkey, the same breed as Royal Gift

In case you’re interested in this fascinating subject, a mule is the sterile offspring of a mare (female horse) and a jack (male donkey or scientifically the domesticated ass.) The opposite combination (a jennet, a female donkey) and a stallion (male horse) produces a hinny. If you’re wondering why there are more mules than hinnies (and I know you are,) you can get more info here

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