Several unreliable sources list July 8 as SCUD (Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama) Day. They’ve even got a theme song.

The only historical reference I could find for July 8 is that it is the anniversary of the death of Saint Edgar the Peaceful, King of the Mercians and Northumbrians in 957 and King of the West Saxons in 959 making him the first king of all England. He was efficient, peaceful, and unusually tolerant of local customs. He founded many abbeys and enacted penalties for non-payment of Peter’s Pence. Peter’s Pence was a tithe that was not sent to Rome, rather was used for schools and other local projects. King Edgar is also credited with introducing a number of successful legal changes.

This image of Edgar the Peaceful was scanned from the New Minister Charter, an illuminated 10th century manuscript currently in the British Library.




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