Universal Children’s Day

Universal Children’s Day takes place annually on 20 November commemorating the UN’s Declaration in 1959 of the Children’s Bill of Rights, making Children’s Day 2019 the 30th anniversary of the declaration.

Children’s Day is celebrated on different days and in different ways throughout the world. In Bulgaria it is celebrated on June 1 and at first drivers were compelled to drive with their lights on to demonstrate extra vigilance for children’s safety. Now it is compulsory for all drivers in Bulgaria to drive with their lights on at all times.

In India, it is November 14, the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India, who was particularly known for his love for children.

Japan’s Children’s Day is celebrated on 5 May, a national holiday since 1948. There is a long tradition, from the 8th century, to celebrate children’s day twice a year; 3 March for girls and on 5 May for boys. On 3 March, also known as the Doll Festival, Japanese people decorate their households with traditional Heian Period doll sets and plum blossoms. On 5 May, they fly carp streamers and display Samurai dolls.

Image by deinarson from Pixabay

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